Alchemy in Motion

Alchemy in Motion swordsAlchemy in Motion is a duo featuring Nanette Blake and Jennie Lee. The pair began dancing together in 2014 and are the ladies behind the launch of Alchemy Entertainment in 2014. They decided to make their duet troupe official in 2015.

Alchemy in Motion blends ballet, jazz, and hip hop with tribal fusion and ATS styles to craft a unique belly dance-based theatrical performance. Not bowing to labels, Jennie and Nanette perform to whatever style captures their attention for any given performance, be it soft and flowy, romantic and flirty belly dancing or hard-hitting pop and locks or more “traditional” tribal fusion. They also never turn down a chance to create pieces that tap into their inner-fan girl and celebrate nerdom in all its glory.

They enjoy the musical stylings of the turn-of-the-20th-century jazz and blues (Charlie Johnson, Frankie “Half-Pint” Jaxon, Jimmie O’Bryant) to modern pop and dubstep remixes, and everything in between. They are especially fond of Nox Arcana, Arcane Dimensions, and Lindsay Stirling.

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The two also believe that the only way to grow is to continue to learn. Feeling it is essential for them to continue to take classes to better themselves, they have attended workshops by dance greats such as Mardi Love, Sera Solstice, Irena Akulenko, and Belladonna, and have taken classes with a variety of instructors in a number of styles across the region.

Alchemy in Motion is available for performances, haflas, parties, events, and group or private lessons. They enjoy performing family-friendly shows for free at non-profit organization events, including charity fundraisers, animal adoption days, First Fridays, senior centers and more. Nanette and Jennie will work with event organizers to custom-design a show perfect for any event.

Contact Alchemy in Motion at or call 518-595-3995.